About Us


We are a boutique management consulting firm, focused on delivering only the most dedicated and professional services for your business growth and success.


Our focus is on mentoring startups and emerging technologies, bringing them to market, assisting in finding the right funding and growth strategies to maximize your effectiveness in today’s competitive marketplace.


Our team are all professional management consultants, executive organization leader, experienced in overall organizational strategy, technology productization, corporate management. We have successful track records at building local and international distribution models, identifying and executing acquisitions, controlling manufacturing operations, maintaining strong market positions in a wide variety of products, services and technologies


Spatial Initiatives is headed up by Brent Gelhar,  startup mentor, change engagement agent, Intrapreneur , strategic refinement partner and corporate coach.


A technology commercialization consultant, market strategist and business executive, Brent has over 30 years successful hands-on corporate leadership experience . He has over a decade track record heading up divisions and companies at the Carl Zeiss organization, including expatriate postings in Asia where he gained very broad international commercial experience. From 2002 through 2012, Gelhar joined Canada’s Optech Incorporated, eventually taking on the role of  Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing. He was key in driving the successful development and market deployment of the first dedicated mobile mapping systems, the first airborne lidar with multipulse-in-the-air technology, the first ultracompact lidar for UAV deployment, along with a family of long range high-precision tripod mounted stationary scanners.


Brent sits on the advisory boards of several companies in Canada and Europe, and is active within the Canadian Association of Management Consultants in mentoring new candidates to the professional designation programs.


Brent  studied Computer Engineering, has earned a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) from Leicester University in the UK, and holds a Certified Management Consultant (CMC) professional designation.

Our Business Solutions


Strategic Planning, Go To Market Strategies, Partnership Identification

To achieve your objectives you have to know what they are. Strategic planning is an essential activity for all organizations who want to become, or remain, competitive. Strategy results in the integrated set of actions an organization takes to create a competitive advantage. A good strategy is one that is holistic, forward thinking, and realistic. We have spent decades of experience in many diverse organizations to help them succeed through the development of a sound strategy.

Operations Planning and Management

Planning and managing operations well allows organizations to avoid redundant work while anticipating and identifying problem areas before they become major issues. Without a proper plan and management structure in place, you and your organization are likely spending more money than necessary, being less effective, or taking on unnecessary risk. The business impacts of poor operations can be disastrous. A good operations plan requires heavy applications in the form of: people acumen, creativity, rational analysis and subject matter expertise

Transformation Strategy, Analysis, and Planning

Transformation programs and projects are the norm for many organizations as they are looking to remain and increase their ability to better serve their markets and be competitive. We help your organization with any of its transformation initiatives smoothly with lasting results. All good transformation initiatives start with a strong strategic foundation. If you know your organization needs to transform to become or remain competitive and/or better serve your clients, but aren’t exactly sure where to start, we will help. We have worked on numerous transformation projects – developing and implementing transformation projects that work in real life and are sustainable for many years after first implementations.

Change Readiness Assessment and Management

Maintaining your company’s success in today’s business environment is increasingly difficult. You and your competitors are needing to change more frequently than in the past. Successful transformations propel your organization forward. The most thought-through transition can be prone to failure if your organization is not properly prepared for the change. Successful transformation requires an approach in which an organization’s culture, systems and processes are realigned as necessary to support the implementation of the transformation and the organization’s ability to achieve the sustained desired transformation objectives.